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Medical team Medical professionals today are facing true challenges with IT. The complexities of managing EHR systems, attesting Meaningful Use, and staying HIPPA-compliant can be overwhelming. Rooted Technology Solutions takes a pro-active approach to ensuring your practice is getting the most from your systems and that it isn’t sacrificing security. Our IT experts are your go-to consultants to help navigate the ever changing path of healthcare IT. We have experience working with most EHR software vendors, and we work closely with them to ensure your system is configured and operating as it should be. We offer a HIPAA and best practice gap assessment for medical practice networks, and can help with compliance and give your practice a reasonable IT roadmap for success. We have many solutions tailored to healthcare professionals to address concerns with mobile device encryption, secure remote access, thin client solutions, and many other solutions that can reduce headache and costs.

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HIPPA privacy and security regulations have been around for over a decade, and now it isn’t just the hospitals and large practices that are getting a closer look. We can help with a HIPPA gap assessment and roadmap to help get your practice compliant and maintain it.

We work with the leading EHR vendors to help you streamline your experience in the cloud or on-premise. We can help you design your infrastructure to suit your EHR needs and help you implement it without disrupting your practice.

We know your appointments stay lined up, and your systems need to be ready for each one. If your EHR systems is on-premise or in the cloud we can help ensure your infrastructure is there when you need it most.

Don’t risk losing what you have worked so hard to build. Let us help your practice be prepared for whatever comes your way with a Business Continuity plan.

We know that doctors are on the move and often find themselves moving from room to room or office to office to see their patients. We offer secure and easy to use solutions so your systems go with you.